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Supported index algorithms

For dense vectors

These algorithms are based on Faiss library:

  • FaissIndex.L2 — squared Euclidean (L2) distance.
  • FaissIndex.IP — this is typically used for maximum inner product search. This is not by itself cosine similarity, unless the vectors are normalized.

By default FaissIndex-es are constructed in Flat mode, i.e. they implement exhaustive (precise) search.

To use Faiss implementation of HNSW index provide Hnsw_M, Hnsw_EfConstruction, and Hnsw_EfSearch parameters.

For sparse vectors

These algorithms are derived from PySparNN library:

  • SparnnIndex.Cosine — Cosine distance (i.e. 1 - cosine_similarity).
  • SparnnIndex.JaccardBinary — Jaccard distance for binary vectors (i.e. vectors whose coordinates have the values 0 or 1).